Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


We are very excited to have been a part of creating a new structure for programming on campus. We believe that the new board, which combines all Student Activities groups (CAB, Coffeehouse, Steven’s Gallery, and Arts & Crafts) and ASWC Programming into a new umbrella organization, is a productive and necessary change for campus programs. The new structure will streamline scheduling and communication, open participation to the whole student body, and give many leadership opportunities to students. We are thrilled and genuinely enthusiastic that ASWC has agreed to install this board into their bylaws.

During the meeting yesterday we had a couple of reservations.   We believe that the programming chair’s responsibility and priority should be programming, not ASWC and decisions outside of programming. As an elected position, the programming chair would sit and vote on the Executive Council. While we understand the importance of elected positions and the accountability that goes along with them, we fear that ASWC responsibilities will interfere with the chair’s effectiveness and the primary goals of this programming board. This is a lot of responsibility for one person –– we would have rather seen a chair communicate effectively with ASWC but be held accountable by students’ response to the programs he or she puts forth.

On another note, we were not impressed with the behavior of our senators during the senate meeting. We, as students and programmers, came to the meeting in order to give our opinions and advice on how we would like to see this board implemented. We felt that our opinions and comments were noted, but not duly considered. As students who elected these senators, we had hoped that they would represent, or at least consider, our insight.

On the whole, this is a very exciting opportunity for the whole student body to approach programming in a new and more effective way. We hope that you, the students, will help us make programming great in the coming year.
Get excited!

– Matt Coleman ’11,
Coffeehouse Manager
– Mimi Cook ’10, CAB Co-Marketing Chair
– Kali Stoehr ’10, CAB Chair