Letter to the Editor: Lighten Up, Whitman

An open letter to the student nighttime cyclist I encountered last week: You were dressed in black and you had no lighting. Sitting at the stop sign in my car, I saw that all the oncoming vehicle lights to my left were far enough away for me to safely make a right turn. Suddenly, however, you appeared at my right bumper as I pulled out. Very scary.

I rolled down my window to remind you to get a light, and to tell you that I hadn’t seen you. You blamed my eyes. Actually though, we’re both lucky that I have good eyes and quick reflexes. Surely you know that lights on vehicles, especially bikes, are as much for being seen as to light your own way. Rather than be foolish and surly about this, please protect yourself with some lighting. And, please, give drivers a break. I bet you drive a car, too, so think about it the next time you’re driving at night. This could’ve been a miserable moment for each of us.


Candace Rose, Walla Walla community member.