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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
Whitman news since 1896

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Jake Lorang

Breaking the Standard: Non-Traditional Whitman Students

Will Booth, Staff Reporter October 8, 2018

First-year Jake Lorang is the first to admit he sticks out like a sore thumb on Whitman campus. A bald 38 year-old man, Lorang is not difficult to spot amongst a crowd of long-haired, Chaco-wearing...

Whitman and the A.C.A.

Kate Grumbles, News Writer January 26, 2017
While uncertainty shrouds the future of American healthcare, Whitman health services will remain largely unaffected

Letter to the Editor: Lighten Up, Whitman

October 3, 2013
An open letter to the student nighttime cyclist I encountered last week: You were dressed in black and you had no lighting. Sitting at the stop sign in my car, I saw that all the oncoming vehicle lights to my left were far enough away for me to safely make a right turn. Suddenly, however, you appeared at my right bumper as I pulled out. Very scary.
Credit: Catie Bergman

Writing their own prescription: Whitman students abuse Adderall to tackle workload

Shelly Le February 23, 2012
Scholastic pressure at Whitman can be tremendous, especially as midterms approach and the end of the semester looms ahead. In light of this, some students turn to non-prescription Adderall to help them manage their heavy workload.

Two students injured in car accident on Highway 12

Patricia Vanderbilt November 3, 2011
Two Whitman students were in a car accident on Monday, Oct. 31. The collision occurred at the Highway 12 and Heritage Road intersection near College Place. According to the police report, the student driving the car failed to yield to a pickup truck.
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