ASWC election results are in

Abby Malzewski, Editor-in-Chief

On April 15, the results of the highly-anticipated ASWC executive council elections were announced. Following a semester filled with multiple resignations and reorganization, the annual ASWC elections created an opportunity to rework the existing executive council.

In an announcement from Oversight Chair Ben Canty, the election results were reported. More detailed election results were posted on the ASWC office door.

Voter turnout stood at 35.8 percent with 546 votes. This is a slight decrease from last year’s turnout that stood at just over 36 percent.

Sophomore Vasyl (Basil) Shevtsov won ASWC President with 53 percent of the votes. Junior William (Billy) Wall received 23.8 percent of votes, and 8.8 percent of voters abstained.

Sophomore Bidita Nawar won ASWC Finance Chair with 54 percent of the votes. First-year Meghan Kearney received 35.5 percent of votes, and 9.9 percent of voters abstained.

The ASWC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair position will be teamed by two students who will switch at the change in semester. Gigi Peterson (Fall) and Sybella Ssewakiryanga (Spring) won with 51.4 percent of votes, sophomore Meron Semere received 26.7 percent of votes and 11 percent of voters abstained.

Sophomore Owen Jakel won ASWC Sustainability Chair with 62.8 percent of the votes. First-year Masha Aghabekyan received 26.2 percent of votes, and 10.1 percent of voters abstained.

Sophomore Val Hoxha won ASWC Student Development Chair with 81 percent of the votes. 15.9 percent of voters abstained.

Interim ASWC President Fraser Moore commented on the election results, especially the role of ASWC President to be taken over by Shevtsov in the fall.

“I wish Basil [Shevtsov] the best of luck in his new role as the ASWC President for 2023 to 2024. Basil is immensely bright, and I have full confidence that he has the awareness to be a good facilitator and advocate for students,” Moore said. “Good luck Basil and the rest of the executive council.”

For the first year, this year’s ballot asked voters questions about how they would like ASWC student funds to be spent. Voters were able to prioritize which categories or organizations they would like to see funded; categories included student labor costs, Whitman Events Board (WEB), media organizations and more. Voter preferences for student fund priorities will be reflected in the ASWC 2023-2024 budget. The budget is set to be passed at ASWC Senate on Sunday, April 23.