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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Board of Trustees Profiles

Brad McMurchie

Year of graduation: 1984

Lives in: Portland, Ore.

Current/former jobs:

President of Tumac Lumber Co. since at least 2000, served as the president of several other lumber corporations before that.

Recently joined regional board of U.S. Bank in Oregon and southwest Washington

Joined board: 2005

Role on the Board: Current chair of the board, chair of the Trustee Executive Committee, sits on the nominating & governance committee, sits ex-officio on all governing boards


Nancy B. Serrurier

Year of graduation:  Undergrad at Brown University, class of ’77. Received MBA from Stanford in ’83

Son graduated from Whitman in 2011.

Lives in: Menlo Park, Calif.

Fast facts:

Philanthropist and corporate consultant with Akili Dada.

Worked for seven years as legislative director for Sen. John Chafee, R-R.I.

Worked for seven years as a “management consultant” in “new foods development”

Has previously served on Colgate College’s Board of Trustees and several other boards for various non-profits and educational organizations

Together with her husband, made a large donation to the college immediately before being appointed a trustee to allow Brattain Auditorium in the Science Building to be remodeled

Joined board: 2009

Role on the Board: Vice chair of the Board of Trustees, chair of Trustees’ Nominating & Governance Committees, vice-chair of Trustees’ Executive Committee, sits on Academic Affairs and Enrollment Committees


Janice M. Abraham

Year of graduation: ‘79 BA from American Universiy, ‘82 MBA from University of Pennsylvania

Gender: Woman

Ethnicity: White

Lives in: Chevy Chase, Md.

Fast facts: Previous CFO/Treasurer to Whitman 1989-1997, now has an award in her honor

President & CEO of United Educator, a company which handles insurance of educational institutions and risk assessment

Serves on numerous boards and committees for insurances companies and companies involved with higher education

Joined board: 2012

Role on the board: Sits on Enrollment, Academic Affairs and Budget committees


Megan Ferguson Clubb

Year of graduation: 1979

Lives in: Walla Walla, Wash.

Fast facts:

Early in her career, worked for Fortune 500 corporate financing, before switching to work at Baker Boyer Bank, which her father co-founded. Also owns a winery.

Became president of Baker Boyer Bank in 2000 and CEO in 2002. Left the position in 2013.

Now sits on the board of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco

Joined board: 2008

Role on the board: Chair of Audit Committee, sits on Budget Review and Campaign Steering committees


John C. Coleman, Jr.

Year of graduation: 1973

Lives in: Napa, Calif.

Fast facts: Now retired, worked as an investment advisor, principal at Morgan Stanley & Co from 1980-1996 and vice chairman of Pacific Growth Equities from 1996-2009

Joined board: 2003

Role on the board: Chairs technology task force, sits on Trustees’ Executive and Campaign Executive committees and Campaign Steering and Investment committees as well.


Joseph Davis

Year of graduation: 1980

Lives in: San Francisco, Calif.

Fast facts:

Worked six years in marketing at Proctor & Gamble

Worked with Boston Consulting Group for a long time, currently a senior partner & Managing Director based in San Francisco.

Expertise is in reworking public sector organizations, but also has experience in retail and consumer experience working with corporations and companies.

Founded the BCG branch in Washington, D.C.

Works on advising corporations and government groups on how to restructure/plan for future circumstances

Joined board: 2014

Role on the board:

Sits on academic affairs and enrollment committees


Barbara Feigin

Year of graduation: 1959

Lives in: New York, NY

Fast facts:

Advertising executive

She and her husband have contributed over one-million dollars to the college.

Joined board: 2014

Role on the board:

Sits on Trustees’ Nominating & Governance committee


Karen E. Glover

Year of graduation: 1972

Lives in: Seattle, Wash.

Fast facts:

Management of a wide variety of corporations, including being Firm Managing Partner (CEO) of a law firm with revenues of $200 million, and Global Integration Partner at a law firm with over $750 million revenue.

On board of numerous for-profits and non-profits, including Universal Seafoods, Ltd. (past chair), United Way of King County (past chair),  King County Library System (former President), REI Board (member, current) and many others

Private law practice for over 30 yrs on health care, corporate and executive compensation

Joined board: 1998

Role on the board: Chair of Academic Affairs Committee, sits on Campaign Executive, Campaign Steering, Diversity and Trustees’ Nominating & GovernancecCommittees. Served as a former chair of the Board of Trustees.


Stephen Hammond


Year of graduation: 1979

Lives in: Potomac Falls, Va.

Fast facts:

Deputy Associate Director of USGS Natural Hazards

Previously director of Science Information and Education Office within the USGS

Also served on school board


Joined board: 2009

Role on the board: Chair of Student Life Committee, sits on Diversity Committee


Walter C. Minnick

Year of graduation: 1964

Lives in: Chevy Chase, Md.

Fast facts: Former representative for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, 2009-2011

Partner and cofounder of Majority Business Group, a lobbyist and business consulting firm in Washington, D.C.

Role on the board: Sits on Academic Affairs, Farm and Trustees’ Nominating and Governance committees.


John W. Stanton

Year of graduation: 1977

Lives in: Bellevue, Wash.

Fast facts: Chairman of private-equity fund Trilogy Equity Partners and serves on the board of Columbia Sportswear. Joined Microsoft board of directors this year (July 2014)

Formerly CEO of Western Wireless Communications, inc. which he founded, former chairman of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA)

Net worth estimated at $1.1 billion on Forbes’ Magazine 2007 list of the world’s billionaires

Joined board: 2002 or earlier

Role on the board: Chairs both Campaign Executive and Campaign Steering committees, sits ex-officio on Investment Committee


Peter H. van Oppen

Year of graduation: 1974

Lives in: Seattle, Wash.

Fast facts: Partner in Trilogy Partnership, a “closely-held investment firm” based in Bellevue, Wash. specializing in the mobile and wireless communication sectors

Also serves as board member for mobile communications companies Level 3 and Impinj, as well as University of Washington Medicine

Joined board: 2001

Role on the board: Sits on Investment, Trustees’ Executive, and Trustees’ Nominating and Governance committees. Former chair of the Board


Sarah Wang

Year of graduation: 1989

Lives in: Honolulu, Hawaii

Fast facts: Partner in Marr Jones & Wang law firm, specializing in labor and employment law

Joined board: 2013

Role on the board: Chairs diversity committee, sits on budget review committee


William B. Way

Year of graduation: 1980

Lives in: Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Fast facts:

Director of MCE Social Capital, a nonprofit that helps guarantee micro loans to finance small business in developing countries

Also serves on several other nonprofit boards including Phoenix Art Museum, Nature Conservancy, Akili Dada, ASU Gammage and others. In the private sector he serves on boards for Everyone Counts, Smead Capital and “two mid-size private equity funds”

Joined board: 2012

Role on the board: Chairs budget review committee, sits on student life committee


James R. Moore

Year of graduation: 1966

Lives in: Salt Lake City, Utah

Fast facts: Former trial attorney with U.S Department of Justice and assistant U.S. attorney with Environmental Protection Agency

Executive vice president of Huntsman Corporation, a global chemical manufacturing company, 2010-2013

Joined board:

Role on the board: Chairs the Building and Grounds Committee, sits on audit committee


Dean A. Nichols

Year of graduation: 1970

Lives in: Edmonds, Wash.

Fast facts: Formerly a business and technology consultant with Accenture, a global management, outsourcing and technology company

Created the Carla and Dean Nichols First Generation Scholarship Endowment with his wife in 2009

Joined board: 2008

Role on the board: Chairs Enrollment Committe, sits on Audit and Building and Grounds committees.


David Nierenberg

Lives in: Camas, Wash.

Fast facts: Founder and president of Nierenberg Investment Management Company. Prior to that, was a general partner in venture capital fund Trinity Ventures and business consulting firm Bain and Co.

Also sits on the Washington State Investment Board

Joined board: 2009

Role on the board: Sits on campaign steering, chairs investment committee, also sits on Trustees’ Nomating and Governance Committee+

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