Decision about student representation on curriculum committee postponed

Karah Kemmerly

The faculty originally planned to make a decision about whether to have student representation on next year’s curriculum committee at their meeting on Wednesday, March 30. However, discussion of other proposals prevented them from doing so.

Prior to the meeting, ASWC was informed that several old proposals regarding inter-faculty business had made their way onto the meeting’s agenda. These items had been pushed back since November.

The vote about student representation on the curriculum committee has been postponed until the next faculty meeting on April 13.

ASWC Vice President John Loranger says that ASWC members are slightly disappointed by the delay, but not overly concerned.

“We were pumped up to have the vote today and we would have liked to know the results of a vote for closure’s sake, but we understand. Since the curriculum committee doesn’t meet until next year, an extra two weeks won’t really hurt us,” he said.

Loranger believes that there might be something beneficial about the postponement.

“This gives ASWC senators the chance to meet personally with those faculty members we know are opposed to having student representatives on the committee and talk with them about why we think these representatives are something positive,” he said.

Loranger hopes that by April 13, ASWC might able to get a few more votes in their favor.