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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Jay Friedman brings J-Spot sex talk lecture to Whitman

Jay Friedman has been called both “the Michael Moore of sex education” and “one of the most dangerous people in society.” And, during his lecture at Whitman on Wednesday, Oct. 20, he delivered a dynamic and outrageously popular presentation that left students abuzz with laughter and curiosity. The Whitman Events Board and Panhellenic sponsored Friedman’s talk.

Photo Credit: Kendra Klag

Friedman had an immediate chemistry with the Whitman audience; as a Seattle resident he admitted that he appreciated the college’s liberal mindset and ability to recognize names of the Seattle restaurants he frequents.

Friedman broke the ice with vivid humorous and sexual imagery as well as snapshots of his childhood sexual education which consisted of awkward gym class movies and National Geographic magazines. He made the importance of a sexual education very clear to the audience, sharing that “the greatest crisis” of his life happened when his high school girlfriend told him those two unforgettable words: “I’m pregnant.”

Situations like Friedman’s are not isolated occurrences–America has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any developed country. That is why he is on a crusade to educate students across the nation. “Sex is good,” he said bluntly; “it’s what we learn about sex that is not so good.”

Friedman went on to list what he believes are the three important criteria to meet before engaging in sex:

1) Know the person’s name and feel comfortable enough with that person that you could do it with the lights on. As he put it, “If you can’t gaze longingly into someone else’s eyes, you’re not ready to have sex with that person.”

2) Accept responsibility for your actions, affirm consent (think Green Dot) and determine the appropriate birth control and disease control.

3) Make sure that whatever you choose to do will assure mutual pleasure.

Freidman’s talk covered many topics that are a little unsettling, even for college students. But as rewards he artfully placed romantic and sexual advice intermittently throughout the talk. In between the juicy secrets he shared, the lecture covered everything from sexism to alcohol to homophobia. The lecture had a degree of political commentary as well; Friedman had a very clear opinion regarding sex education policy in the U.S.

Photo Credit: Kendra Klag

When asked what sex has to do with politics, Friedman could barely hold back his reply: “Everything,” he exasperated. From the childhood development of inner city children to the contraceptive distribution policies in America, the lecture was laced with examples of the relevance of sex in politics. He said that it was each student’s personal duty to advocate for their sexual education rights, to prevent a small but vocal minority of dissenters from inhibiting the discussion of sex.

Friedman ended the lecture on an insightful note.

“Remember, your most important love making tool is right in between your ears.”

Students can receive more information on the lecture by liking the “J-Spot” group on Facebook or visiting http://www.jaytalk.com

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