A review of RenFaire’s Murder Mystery

Samantha Fitts, Better than you

The annual RenFaire Murder Mystery happened this past weekend, and I got to say, it was quite a doozy. Joining the wealthy Asino family once again, there was, unsurprisingly, another murder (they really need to look into why this keeps happening). 

The night was full of hilarious characters like Sir Jay (Ella Shropshire), the bodyguard, bro and actual bro (big twist) of Alexis Asino (Ilse Spiropolous); the immortal, salt (weed) witch Melanoe (Noelle Jekel) who really wanted to die; and Marion McBeatle (Annaliese Hopkins) the Scottish Bard who performed a rendition of The Ballad of Lloyd. But, none of these performances could compare to that of the Lyman Baby, which Eleni Asino (Jaime Fields) gave birth to halfway through the show.

And the food? It was a three course meal that was diverse and tasty made by Julie and Nick Caton. Also, it was free, which makes things even tastier!

And the murderer? Well, it was Alexis, which my table guessed correctly! Unfortunately, nearly everyone else was stupid and wrong and voted out McBeatle, who was of course innocent of all crimes (she gave me her autograph, and I will treasure it until I die). So anyway, at least I ended that night knowing I, and my friends, are better than you.