Essentials for your email signature, according to the CCEC

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You think you’ve got it all – name, pronouns, major, phone number, your internship, the clubs you run, your Myers-Briggs personality type, a copy-pasted land acknowledgement, yadda yadda yadda and then some. But guess what! Turns out that more is more. The Wire spoke with the CCEC staff for insight on how to beef up our sign-offs.

“While we always advise you keep your resume succinct yet significant, think of your email signature like a CV where you’re granted more space for length and detail,” Jenny “NOT John” Stratton said. “The general rule is: if it’s not ten lines long, you’re doing it wrong! But we encourage you to expand even beyond ten lines if you can.”

But what should these lines consist of? Here’s a short list of things you missed:

Astrology signs. “Having your Big Three early on in your email signature, just after your name or pronouns, can simplify and expedite the development of social, academic and workspace relationships,” Jacqueline Erwin said. “If you’re an Aries moon and they’re an Aquarius moon, they can easily check Co-Star to decipher whether they should continue interacting with you before having to actually read your email. Saves both parties a ton of time.”

Hyperlinks to projects. “A quick insight into your personal pursuits can foster interest from the relevant faculty departments, enterprises and organizations you interact with,” Dr. Jess Hernandez said. “This could be a blog URL, Twitter username or link to your SoundCloud rap account. It’s an easy way to share a piece of yourself and your activities, and it’s a wonderful tool for self-promotion so you can finally get some plays on your EP!”

Your favorite cuisine. “It makes it easier on whomever you’re corresponding with should they plan to take you out to lunch – for an interview, a hangout or otherwise.” Some solid advice from Nadine Stecklein.

Thank you to the CCEC for your valuable input! Be sure to squeeze these into your WhitMail signatures and to drop into their Reid office with any questions!