Styx eats a guy

Ian Lewis, Styx Watch reporter

In a breaking story, The Wire can now confirm that Styx ate a guy. The seemingly immobile horse statue briefly became animate this Thursday to hunt and eat a human being before returning to its position between the Penrose Library and the Hall of Science, now drenched in viscera.

Reports state that the victim was walking across Ankeny Field as Styx ripped itself out of the ground, charged straight for him and proceeded to consume him. The man’s identity remains unknown, as nothing was left to identify him. He is last reported to have said, “AHHH! IT’S EATING ME! IT’S EATING MY BODY! AHHH!” as well as an indescribable amount of screaming.

Illustration by Megan Suka.

Eduardo Díaz, a member of Whitman’s grounds crew and witness to the events, was interviewed about the events while retching into a nearby garbage can.

“It was— ” said Díaz, dry-heaving. “The guy—he wasn’t even that close or looking at it or anything. And then I just see it in the corner of my eye, and then it’s on top of him and its… God, its mouth! Its mouth was wrong!”

Since the mastication, Styx has remained rooted to its original position, though some have described seeing the statue as slightly larger and ineffably more powerful. Whether the statue is alive or sentient remains unknown, as local biologists have described it as “some creepy warlock shit.”

“Whitman College is deeply shocked,” said a visibly nervous Harriet Wigman, director of Whitman’s heretofore unmentioned Normal Incidents Division. “We absolutely did not know about it being able to do this before. Styx will be placed on unpaid leave over the upcoming weeks as we begin to investigate why it attacked a student—specifically why in the day, in front of witnesses that it left alive.”