Tell me your Cleve sandwich order and I’ll tell you how you’ll meet the love of your life

Carmel Stephan, was too lazy to put a job title

Everyone has their special wecial ‘wichy order they get at Cleve, but could the selection of meats and cheese mean more than satisfied taste buds? The universe works in mysterious ways, one of which relies solely on your Cleve sandwich. Each element of your sandwich may just be a clue to how you’ll *finally* meet The One.

Let’s start with the bread. Bread is life; the foundation of all creation and energy. The bread you choose determines the time in your life when you’ll first encounter your soul mate.
Hoagie: You’ll meet your special someone in the first semester of your Junior year, but re-encounter them four years from now through a mutual friend who didn’t go to Whitman.
Sourdough Wheat: You have already met your true love. Don’t try to guess who it is, the love will reveal itself in time.
Sourdough White: You will be exactly 25 and three quarters years old.
Ciabatta: You’re still in your relationship from high school. They are not the LOYL. This relationship will exponentially elongate the processes of finding the one for you.
Gluten-free: You met them when you were 18. This will be on and off.

Meat, or rather, protein, is the breath of life. It provides strength and centering. Your choice of protein determines what you will be doing when you meet The One.
Turkey: Sitting at a meeting in either an educational or professional setting.
Mortadella: In the self-checkout at a grocery store
Salami: At the red cross, giving blood.
Chickpea salad: In the button section at Joanne’s

For the matter of vegetables, cheeses, and other accouterments, the more you add, the more time it takes for you to realize your undying love. However, if you add spicy peppers, this means you’ll have bad breath on the first date.

While the universe never reveals all of its secrets, it does give us hints of what is to come and what the present means, so stay vigilant and observant.