Little Lad who likes Berries and Cream announced as special guest for campus dance workshop

Carmel Stephan, Could go for some berries and cream

September’s biggest Tik Tok sensation, The Little Lad who likes berries and cream will be coming to Whitman for a workshop in body form and character building. Jack Fervor, the little lad themself, is a choreographer, writer and director based in New York who once did a commercial for Starburst that was then dug up from the trenches of Youtube and transformed into a Tik Tok trend. 

The trend is a dance and song that describes what the Little Lad had to do for their mummy if they wanted berries and cream. As the Little Lad says “all you have to do is run in place… clap your hands… touch your left heel with your right and your right heel with your left… gesture to yourself, berries and cream!”  

Those who join the workshop will be taught the signature dance moves as well as vocal coaching to develop the proper Little Lad accent. The workshop is designed to encourage students to not to completely replicate the source material but discover their own personal interpretation of it.

The workshop will focus on the multiple aspects of the Little Lad’s character and psyche, so as to fully understand the motivations behind the berries and cream dance. At its essence, the workshop is aimed at exploring the effects commercialism has on art, how art can both spring forth and be hindered by the capitalist mindset, presenting the ultimate question of how we free our creative selves from the confines of industrialism whilst still being able to effectively create within it.

The workshop will culminate in a performance open to the entire campus in which students will be clad in full Little Lad costumes inspired by the original commercial. Complimentary berries and cream will be open to the public after the performance. Students may keep their costumes after the show.