Bernie’s bird consumes Pence’s fly, sparks controversy among dems

Rachel Husband, “Why’s she writing about birds so much?”

The bird who famously landed on Bernie Sanders’ podium in 2016 has returned to eat the Pence fly who made an appearance during the Vice Presidential debate. While many Democrats praised the fly’s actions and openly mocked the Vice President afterwards for being a pile of shit, there has been little outcry over the death of the liberal hero at the hands of the socialist bird. 

This is just the latest in a series of recent events highlighting the growing divide between moderates and liberals in the Democratic party. As the Nov. 3 election draws near, Democrats have rallied behind Joe Biden, but it seems that many voters are less than happy with their presidential options.

Illustration by Elie Flanagan.

Some have claimed that the death of the fly at the wings of Bernie’s bird was an orchestrated attack on democracy by the far left because of their dissatisfaction with Biden as a candidate. Others say the fly’s death was merely a fact of nature. However, it does seem rather strange that the same bird, which was chipped and paid to appear at additional Bernie events, was found all the way in Salt Lake City.

Multiple witnesses to the fly’s death claim to have heard the bird chirp, “Down with the bourgeois!” after it had swallowed the fly whole. However, these bystanders were wearing their masks below their noses during interviews with reporters; so, it’s unclear how trustworthy they are. 

This theory is consistent with the popular “Birds Aren’t Real” movement that claims that every single bird you see, including the one that landed on Sanders’ podium, is actually a government drone. The leaders of the movement recently released a statement accusing the government of expanding their drone operations from birds to flies as well and that Sanders’ bird was ordered to destroy the prototype fly drone.