ASWC experiences menstrual cup mix-up

Rachel Husband, Davinki?

ASWC Sustainability, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Generation Action and OrganiCup, launched a free menstrual cup giveaway this last week to all students living in the area. In the survey ASWC sent out, they claimed they would deliver the cups privately and discreetly to anyone who signed up. This unfortunately did not happen. More than a dozen complaints were filed against the ASWC for negligence and trauma.

 For those readers who are unfamiliar with the menstrual cup, it’s basically a uterine shot glass or like a tiny Tupperware container that holds blood and is inside you. Menstrual cups are more environmentally friendly because they are multi-use, unlike pads or tampons. In fact, the average menstrual cup can be used for about ten years which is a fricking steal. Unfortunately, students who are not in the Walla Walla area will have to continue to stuff cotton balls up their vaginas. 

One student claimed in their report that their menstrual cup arrived with a small picture of Kathy Murray printed on it. It was not in any packaging and thrown from a distance of about twenty feet where it rolled on the ground for a little bit. The deliverer ran away loudly singing the Avril Lavigne hit, “What the Hell.”

Another said her cup was handed to her after she witnessed the deliverer sneeze into it. COVID-19 and other viral infections like the flu can be transmitted through snot in your free menstrual cup, so readers, please be careful with your cups. Wash them thoroughly and often.

Several students reported their menstrual cups had multiple large holes poked in them and could not be used at all. Others said they received the wrong size of cup, with one person commenting that the menstrual cup they were given was an XXXXL, which is roughly the size of a teacup for reference. 

The ASWC apologized for the inconveniences students have suffered and the abuse of the community’s trust but have refused to comment as to who exactly is responsible for this mixup.