New Restaurant Allows for a Break from Suffocating Privilege

Clara Wheeler, White Female

A new restaurant is opening up in town, called Chateau du Argent. The Chateau will offer many new amenities never before seen in the beautiful Wallas.

At the door, customers are invited to give their privilege to the doorman, a lovely gentleman by the name of Bertrand. They will be given a number and can pick up their checked privilege at the end of the dinner. This evening free of privilege gives diners a lovely evening free from the burdens of being so incredibly elite. “Honestly, if I had a penny for every dinner that was ruined by me worrying about how well those farmhands are cleaning my yacht, I’d be richer than I already am,” Decadence Banks said, already in line for the opening day of Chateau du Argent.

The restaurant is sparing no expense in building their formidable menu, importing cage-free margaritas to tickle the taste buds of those over 21 and milking non-GMO cows to get the freshest Caesar salad this side of the Mississippi. For dessert, their salmon sorbet comes straight from the wings of an angel right onto the diner’s waiting tongue.

Reservations for the next few months are filling up fast at Chateau du Argent, so call in quick and have your credit card ready.