Ann’s Advice: Declaring a Major

Ann Karneus, Ham Sandwich

As I’m sure that many sophomores know, figuring out a major can be one of the most stressful, all-important decisions you’ll have to make during your time at Whitman. But what if I were to tell you that not declaring is an option? That’s right! Just don’t declare! Next year, I’m really going to buckle down on my academic interests, and as of now am an intended French, Film Studies, Chemistry and Rhetoric minor! This decision really took the stress out of deciding on a major, and I’m happy and humbled to have the opportunity to explore all of my academic passions for the next two and half years. Deciding on a major has scary implications, and I know I felt like the rest of my life and the jobs I wanted would be decided based on my major. But a perfect way to circumvent that problem is to just not declare! It really was the perfect decision for me; I can spend a great four years at Whitman, spend shit-tons of money on tuition and at the end of it all not even have to write a thesis. The stress of worrying about choosing classes that count towards your major, not to mention figuring out a pre-major advisor can be such a hassle. College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, and I didn’t want these golden years to be bogged down by such stressful life choices. I would recommend this option to anyone freaking out about their major, and I wish everyone well in their academic pursuits here at Whitman College