Does He Love You or Your Bitmoji?

Maude Lustig, Guy with 'Free Hugs' Sign

Dating in the modern age is filled with challenges that our parents never had to anticipate. Many couples communicate via text or through apps like Snapchat. To enhance these cyber interactions, people have begun to use Bitmoji–emojis that can be customized to look like their user. Well, it appears as though some of these Bitmojis are so convincing that come couples are having trouble telling the real from the fake.

Gracie Jensen had just such an experience. After adopting Bitmojis, her boyfriend started to ask her strange questions.

“He came home one time and was like, ‘Oh, how was tennis today?’ I was like ‘What are you talking about?’ and he was like ‘That photo you sent me of you playing tennis. You were like, mid-serve.’ Finally I realized he was talking about the Bitmoji I had sent him earlier.”

For some women, however, the mix-up has actually bolstered their relationships.

“Guys just seem to think I’m a really positive, active person,” says Margaret Stevens. “They’re really impressed that I can eat a gigantic burrito, slam dunk a basketball and surf all in the same day. And I don’t even live by an ocean.”

At this time, the creators of Bitmoji have no plans to make their designs less life-like. To decrease confusion, women can choose to give their Bitmoji a strange hair color or interesting outfit. That’s ultimately the path that Gracie Jensen chose.

“My boyfriend Greg and I are big Mets fans, so I thought if I changed my Bitmoji to wear a Yankees jersey he would know it wasn’t really me. It’s helped.”