OP Introduces New Beginning Kayaking Trip in Reid Basement

Anthony Reale, Barometric Pressurer

During the first week of Whitman’s second semester, the temperature dropped low enough for a pipe in the Reid Campus Center to freeze and burst, leading to a few inches of water flooding the floor of the Coffeehouse. Much to the Bookstore and Coffeehouse’s dismay, the water covered rugs, new furniture and merchandise, resulting in the trashing of many items.

According to Ski Gooutside of the Outdoor Program, however, this water is a great opportunity.

“The water allows for one of those cool programs that don’t stray too far from Whitman. I mean, this is a Beginning Kayaking Trip right here on campus! Frackin’ awesome!” Gooutside said.

Despite most faces being frowny ones on this subject, Gooutside is keeping spirits light in the OP, especially with her impromptu Kayak Polo game. Students were treated to an event with a fantastic obstacle course, as the furniture stayed rooted to the ground during the flood.

“There’s nothing like staying positive in a crazy situation like this. I mean, it’s 5 degrees out and falling right now, but no one can tell in here. In here, we’re keeping the school moving and keeping the game going! Sssyeahhh,” Gooutside added.

When asked to comment, both the Mailroom and Bookstore staffs declined, grumbling about water hippies.