Pros and Cons of Joining Linkedin

Ben Freedman, humor page editor


  • An appropriate platform to flaunt increasingly obsolete skill set for potential employers
  • Somewhat satisfying to claim “limited working proficiency” for language other than English
  • Momentarily get parents off back for not planning for professional life after Whitman
  • Surprisingly useful tool to find attractive workplace suitors
  • Great to make sure you’re still doing better than that dickhead from high school
  • That’s about it


  • It’s kind of like Facebook but way shittier
  • Being in the prime of your life, yet still spending time attempting to sell soul to corporate America
  • Inevitable disappointment when zero job offers come in
  • Subsequent disappointment when you realize its because you’re not as impressive as previously thought
  • Sheer horror as you find out that the people you have been stalking get notified of you viewing their profile
  • Fuck Linkedin