Interview with the EIC and Publisher


Meme by Tywen Kelly

Every year at this time, the leaders of Revisionist go on the record about the joys of working for a campus newspaper. This year, we found Editor-in-Chief Sharra Hornet and publisher Maya Kay enjoying their favorite pass time, repeatedly explaining the definition of the words “newspaper” and “journalism” to the people who want to be America’s next generation of politicians.


R: You both look filled with such joy. What is it you love most about working for a newspaper?


SH: Definitely mentoring the new first-year writers. They come in all fresh-eyed and hopeful, and as the year goes on and they get to report on the progressive and forward-thinking leadership we have here on campus, you just get to see that optimism grow.


MK: My favorite part of every day is opening my email to find all the insightful, thought-through, well-written comments being posted online about our articles by members of the community.


R: Any favorite memories from this year so far?


MK: I’m proud of the articles we published that led to real change on campus, like the one about how easily the school could improve need-based financial aid, and the one where we found the college was helping rapists investigated under Title IX move to new schools where no one knew their record and they could assault more women.


SH: It was really inspiring how many alumni read the paper and contacted the school’s administration to let them know they cared about serious issues that affect students on campus. I think that really speaks to the sort of education and values people leave this college with.


R: Any words of advice for future generations of Revisionist journalists?


SH: Remember to keep your writing accessible. Keep articles below 150 characters, and don’t use any words with more than two syllables or above a fourth grade reading level.


MK: Also, keep in mind that you fill an essential role on campus. It’s not like the majority of the student body gets its news from Yik Yak or anything; can you imagine what sort of world that would lead to?