I Love My Mom

Jack Swain, staff writer

I took a shower today. The walls of my shower are made of square tiles. Some of the tiles are white and some of them are light blue. There is a circular metal shower-head at the top of the shower. There is a circular metal drain at the bottom of the shower. Water appears from the top and disappears down the bottom. Clouds are made of water, I’m told. I have also been told that my body is composed of 70 percent water.

My water-body likes to do all sorts of things. It really likes to take showers. It likes the feeling of the hot water in its hairs. Hair is made of dead cells. Cells are all made of water, too. The cells die and then they become hair. Some people have very beautiful hair. People cut their hair in all sorts of different styles. You can tell everything about a person just from looking at their haircut.

My mom used to have short hair in the 90s when I was a baby. Her hair is longer now. I think my mom is going to visit me this semester, and I’m really excited about it! Her name is Karen. She is very beautiful. Let me tell you one thing about my mom. She cries a lot when she watches certain movies. It is because she cries whenever she sees someone else cry. I think that is a very special thing about her. I love my mom so much.

Tears are made out of water. Every single water drop in the world was or will become a tear.

Sometimes people heat up water and mix it with dried plants. They drink it, and it’s called ‘tea.’ When you have guests in your house, it is good to offer them tea. You should always keep some good tea in your house for these moments, and good mugs.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is watching the moon reflected in the ocean. The moon is very far away. There is a very small amount of water on the moon. The moon has been trying for billions of years to steal some of Earth’s water. That is what causes the tides.

If you don’t drink water for three days your body will die. Everyone dies eventually. When someone dies, their water will become a new person. Sometimes their water becomes a flower, or a cloud. Or a tear.

If you drive five hours east of Walla Walla, you will get to some hot springs in the mountains near the Idaho-Montana border. They are called the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. A few months ago, I spent the night there. You will never believe this, but while I was sitting in the steaming water looking up at the stars I saw a UFO.