Bicycle, Bike!

Jack Swain, staff writer

I got my bike stolen last night. I found my broken lock in the gravel. Someone must have snipped it with a pair of bolt-cutters. I picked it up, and held its fragile body. It felt like a tiny, helpless animal. I felt a strong surge of pity for it. Now that there was no bike, its life’s purpose had been robbed from it. There was nothing for it to do now. It had failed in its one duty, and I could understand its sadness.

The little warrior lock is now sitting on my kitchen table. I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

I’m sitting in a the Patisserie writing this column. Do you ever go to the Patisserie? I really like it here. The tables are the perfect height and are very sturdy. Anyway, the sun just came out, and streamed through the huge windows. It lit up the whole room, and everyone looked up from their computers and conversations. For that brief instant, in which our faces soaked up the sun, we were all reminded that we are just farting around on the surface of a tiny, beautiful planet.

I am reminded of something that happened yesterday. Do you ever use Facetime? I was Facetiming with my friend who lives in Connecticut. He was telling me about something really interesting, but for a moment he put the phone down on the windowsill. The light from his window made my phone glow, and my own face was illuminated with Connecticut sunlight.

There is a song I really like, by Soko. It’s called “People Always Look Better In The Sun.”

You know when sunlight shines through a tree and makes the leaves all bright and happy? I think that’s one of the most beautiful things. Almost as beautiful as you.

I ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, with brown sugar and raisins. It was really good!

My friend said that I could use his bike (thanks Eric that was really nice of you!). He knows how much I love to bike around. I took it to Allegro Cyclery and they are putting a new tire on it for me. The guy working there was really friendly and helpful, but I forgot his name. It’s really nice to meet friendly people.

Surprisingly, I’m not too sad that my bike was stolen. We had a really nice last day together. Also, I don’t really think of it as ‘my’ bike anyway. We were more like good friends.

There is a piece of gum on the underside of my table. I just checked. It is yellow (the gum).

I keep a little notebook with me. I like to jot things down. I just read something I wrote on the plane back to school. It said, “There is a little boy sitting behind me. I hope we have a good pilot.” I also wrote down something the boy said: “Look mom! There’s tiny cars down there too!”

I hope you are having a good week!