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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Spin, Donut, Spin

Jack Swain, staff writer May 5, 2016

Jack lived alone in a small house at the end of the block, adjacent to the convenience store. Inside the convenience store was a sign shaped like a pink donut. The sign would spin, around and around, day...

Two Cats in the Nighttime

Jack Swain, staff writer April 28, 2016

Enter the scene: two vivacious, rapscallious alley cats descend a long brick staircase, old and worn, full of new-growth weeds and dandelions, finding their way among the cracks, surviving on just enough,...

I Will Cut Your Hair For Free

Jack Swain, staff writer April 21, 2016

  I walked along the river. The sun was out, and it sparkled across the surface of the water. Two old men exchanged a glance through the shop window. She ran the needle again and again through...

It is April Now

Jack Swain, staff writer April 7, 2016

Your house being air conditioned in a hot summer. Overcast cloudy days that won’t stop raining. Underneath a pile of things on your desk, you find that thing you were searching for. Dogs that...


Jack Swain, staff writer March 10, 2016

The sunlight that streams through our windows, yours and mine. The bugs that live in our houses, in our carpets. Whatever human quality necessitated the invention of picture frames. Elegant...

Two Skulls!

Jack Swain, staff writer February 25, 2016

I woke up very early today (far earlier than I usually ever do) and went to sit on my porch. It is a very nice porch. I am fond. I know I will miss it. In the morning it gets lots of sunlight. I am...

Bicycle, Bike!

Jack Swain, staff writer February 4, 2016

I got my bike stolen last night. I found my broken lock in the gravel. Someone must have snipped it with a pair of bolt-cutters. I picked it up, and held its fragile body. It felt like a tiny, helpless...

Jackpage: Understanding babies

Jack Swain April 30, 2015
A week or two ago I went to Safeway and something really wild happened. I was minding my own business, contemplating the cereal aisle, when I came across a baby. She was standing up, wearing a fuzzy blue onesie and a full head of blonde hair. Her parents were nowhere to be seen. It was just me and the baby. We stared at each other.
Jackpage: Talking to strangers on planes

Jackpage: Talking to strangers on planes

Kyle Seasly March 12, 2015
When you fly on a plane, do you prefer the window or aisle seat? Once in my life I totally preferred the aisle. My preference was based on practicality — when you sit in the aisle seat, you don’t have to ask anyone to move when you want to go to the bathroom. Besides, I always feel uncomfortable engaging with strangers. I like to avoid talking to my seatmates as much as possible.
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