Pros and Cons of a Trump Presidency

Ben Freedman, staff writer

With Donald Trump still polling well in the GOP primaries, America is faced with the very real question: What would a Trump Presidency look like? The Backpage is here to help, weighing the pros and cons so that you don’t have to.


  • Old drinking buddy of Mitch McConnell
  • Good opportunity for people to explore living options abroad
  • That one Colombian woman seemed stoked
  • Inauguration might instigate cool new Drake diss-track
  • Only slightly more racially insensitive than Republican competitors
  • If anything else, nice win for the hair


  • Leader of free world requires slightly different skillset than business mogul
  • Free access to nuclear launch codes brings new meaning to “you’re fired”
  • Vast personal wealth typically not allowed to be traded for political favors
  • Unlikely to have another Trump Comedy Central Roast
  • Not certain what an administration of “winners” entails
  • Foreseeable conflicts with U.S.-Mexico relations