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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle

Illustration by Lya Hernandez.



2. Turns into an ass

5. Prospero’s slave

6. Oldest daughter of 16-Across

8. This Athenian gives away his money and regrets it. Nothing else happens in this play.

10. The Moor’s wife

11. In love with Hamlet (probably)

14. Viola’s brother

16. The fictional king

17. Hermia’s childhood friend

18. Something is rotten in this state


1. People refer to his love story without knowing it’s a tragedy

2. “Et tu, _____?”

3. Juliet’s cousin

4. Not actually a hunchback

6. Like Rosencrantz, this guy is dead.

7. Younger sister of 6-Across

9. Shares a name with the bird in Aladdin

11.5. This character is a dog. Literally, though.

12. Please don’t say his name in a theater

13. All’s Well That ____ Well

15. Notoriously Jewish character

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