Undergrad Conference Highlights

Molly Johanson

Undergraduate Conference is unarguably the best day of the year. Every 15 minutes brings a different powerpoint theme and new things to learn! The only downside of the conference is not being able to attend every session, but below you’ll find some of this year’s highlights.

Rhetoric of Rocks: Senior geology and rhetoric double major George Sharpe talked about the hidden ideologies buried within rock talk.

Complicating Post-Postmodernity: Senior Noelle Quinn’s presentation on her thesis, which she had turned in the previous  night, mostly had slides reading “I just … ugh … why?”

Hip-Hop, Comics, Macklemore and Game of Thrones: This session was so packed I wasn’t able to see or hear anything, but I bet it was super awesomesauce.

Radiologography of Endothermic Islet Cells: I mainly went to this one because it was my biology major friend’s presentation, and I didn’t understand a lick of it, but the rest of the audience did. They even asked questions.

Pride, Prejudice & Smashing the Patriarchy: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must CHECK HIS PRIVILEGE.