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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Presidents’ Day Crossword Puzzle

This week’s theme is fun facts about U.S. presidents.

Illustration by MaryAnne Bowen.


4. Loved skinny dipping in the Potomac

7. Very fat, once got stuck in a bathtub

8. Only Roman Catholic president to date

9. Captain of his high school cheer team

10. Filed his own patent

13. Was shot in a train station

14. First language was Dutch

15. Famous Civil War general

16. Held office for 32 days

17. Very short, never exceeded 100 pounds

18. Had to borrow money to get to his inauguration

19. His name is also a verb

20. Made a strange speech about his dog Checkers


1. Made his own suits

2. Bought many slaves in order to set them free

3. Famous for getting into duels

5. Had alligators as family pets

6. Served two nonconsecutive terms

7. Had 15 children

8. Most recent president to have no college degree

9. Known to “whip it out” in public

10. Lost White House china in a poker match

11. Did not have sexual relations with that woman

12. Served in both world wars

13. Held office for 12 years

14. Vomited on the Japanese prime minister

16. Known for his acting career

17. Capital of Liberia is named for him

Answers will be posted online next week.┬áIf you have feedback or suggestions for puzzle themes, please email [email protected].+

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