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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Last-Minute Whittie Halloween Costumes

With midterms upon us and also just life in general, it’s likely that you haven’t had time to think about what you are going to be for Halloween this year. Maybe you’ve dismissed the holiday all together. But Halloween doesn’t have to end now that you’re older and can’t knock at strangers’ doors to get free candy. No, Halloween and all that it represents can still be a part of your life. Here are a few suggestions for costumes that any Whitman student can make with what they have lying around in a pile on the floor of their room.

Goodwill –– Wear everything you have purchased at Goodwill in the past year. Bonus points if the items still have price tags.

Cookie Fairy –– Cover yourself in flour and carry a makeshift wand.

Sexy Geology Major –– Just wear a bikini or speedo on over the standard Carharts, Patagonias, Chacos and puffy vest.

Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis –– A good buddy costume. You can wear footie pajamas and buzz the sides of your hair while your silent BFF can stand near you in the background.

Ke$ha –– Stop showering right now. Then wear all of your animal print.

A Nalgene Bottle or Laptop –– Cover yourself in stickers.

Senior –– Don’t leave your house all day and don’t let anyone see you. Maybe let someone hear the sound of you sobbing.

Non-Whittie –– Fancy clothes only. Dress like you care.

Onion –– Wear all of your layers.

Summertime Sadness –– Dress like it’s summer. The sadness will come from how cold you are.

Fraternity Member –– Stop showering right now. Then wear all of your animal print.

Biology Major –– Chances are you already are one.

Environment H8R –– Stop recycling. Don’t worry, people will notice.

Last Surviving HVZ Human –– HVS has been over for weeks but you’re still fighting. Wear a bandana on your arm and only enter buildings through back windows.

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