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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Vegan Sexologist Brings Activism to the Bedroom

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Illustration by Tyle Schuh

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, Whitman hosted Shanae Williams, renowned sexologist and vegan. Williams is known for her revolutionary coverage of vegan options for foreplay and sexual intercourse. She has visited Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House, and has spoken at Harvard, Columbia, Yale and many other prominent vegan loci.

“I would eat whipped cream if the cows who made it didn’t live in filth and oppression. I would eat sushi if the fish weren’t wrenched out of their homes, destroying the ocean. I would eat chocolate if the people who picked the cacao beans were paid enough to thrive on, not just to live on,” said Williams.

While pop culture celebrates intimacy with whipped cream and chocolate, Williams presented alternatives for those who are hungry, turned on and conscientious.

“It’s all about what you can spread and lick. Quinoa is a bad choice because it rolls,” she said.

She urged students to try new things like thinly sliced fruits, kimchi and radishes, but she also made a point to clarify that any food could work.

“When in doubt, blend it first,” said Williams. Williams prefers a Magic Bullet because it blends quickly, efficiently and makes a good amount, but told the audience that any blender would do.

Williams also shared some of her favorite recipes. Many included a base of avocado or mango puree with spices such as coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon or lime.

Students left the talk inspired and ready to take action. They celebrated Williams positive attitude, humor and message.

“Some people felt like the talk with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú changed their lives; this talk changed my life,” said an enthusiastic sophomore.

“From this moment on, I have vowed to be vegan in every way, and not just the ways it is most convenient to me,” said a first-year.

Williams closed her talk with her message.

“When we are consuming, giving love and making love, there is no reason to have caused any harm,” she said.

“Unless you’re into that,” she added with a knowing wink.

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