Find Your Spirit Quiz

Elena Aragon

1. Where can you be found on an average Tuesday morning at 8 a.m.?

a. My genetics lecture, of course.

b. Walking to the gym

c. Asleep in my bed

d. Passed out on a random couch on the Beta porch


2. Out of the following, who is your favorite musician?

a. Skrillex

b. Beyoncé

c. Jimi Hendrix

d. Shakira


3. What academic building most suits your fancy?

a. Science

b. Maxey

c. Olin

d. Hunter


4. What quote most typifies your attitude towards drinking?

a. “Drinking is for the weekends and sometimes Thursday.”

b. “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.”

c. “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

d. “I keep a bottle around in case I see a snake, which I also keep around.”

Mostly A’s –– Hopskip (beer, vodka and lemonade)

Your greatest fear is losing your youth, and especially your youthful hangovers that last only until you eat brunch at Prentiss Dining Hall. You possess most of the traits of a stereotypical college student, which doesn’t bother you at all. Like hopskip, you’re a standard at every party, intermingling and getting along with everyone. Unfortunately, however, you tend to leave a bad taste in more refined mouths.

Mostly B’s –– Fake champagne (wine and sprite)

You consider yourself the life of the party, which is accurate as you always have some drank in that cup, no matter where you are. People who assume there is actually coffee in your mug are repeatedly proven wrong. While you don’t think you need alcohol to have fun, why not!

Mostly C’s –– Frisky whiskey (whiskey and slurpee)

You’re the type of person to be drunk in Encounters just to see how it feels. Your life is accurately described as a constant staycation. Never one to let the tough times get you down, you remain optimistic by always viewing the glass as half full and keeping it filled to the brim.

Mostly D’s –– T squared (tequila and tums)

Adventurous and not afraid to get weird, you love to try new and fun combinations. Nothing bores you more than a night out with just a 30-rack of Keystone. Your favorite activities involve salsa dancing, chips and salsa, and being a little saucy. People appreciate you for the variety you bring to their everyday lives.