Corrections Issue 4

Tristan Gavin

Illustration by Tyler Schuh
Illustration by Tyler Schuh

In Issue 4 of The Pioneer, our editors let slip some errors that may have even circumvented the critical eyes of our three readers (Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Grandma!).

On the front page of the issue, the lead story read, “ASWC Debates Student Fee.” The title should have, instead, read “ASWC Debates Student Phi [Phan].” Our school’s government does not actually concern themselves with financial issues, but rather spent four hours discussing senior Phi Phan.

“It was pretty controversial. I mean, who are we to raise him? I can barely raise my hand,” blurted President Kayvon Behroozian to a Pioneer reporter conducting an interview with Tim Reed.

The mistake was a simple misunderstanding from an editorial standpoint, both in overlooking a misused homophone and in thinking ASWC were actually conducting business. In fact, the picture featured on the front page was not taken at an AWSC meaning, but at a screening of a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon.

Nobody was more confused by the mistake than Phi Phan.

“I think they owe me 14 dollars. I think,” he thought out loud.

Later, the editors fell short again on Blair H. Frank’s sassy gaming column.  The title, “Games Journalism Needs Better Audience,” was originally “Games Need Better Audience” and the content was doctored to stray from its original intention.

“I just think more people should watch me play games,” said Frank with frankness in his voice.

Frank has actually been advocating for larger gaming audiences for years now. He developed a fantasy league in his first year at Whitman that allowed members to gain virtual points through the virtual successes of their team. Unfortunately, the domain name “” was taken and “” never took off.


A&E writer Quin Nelson would also like to apologize for describing Dr. John as looking like “an Ewok shaman” in his Grammy article. The racially insensitive comment dismissed many of the advances in Ewok medicine.

“I thought the juxtaposition of ‘Dr.’ and ‘shaman’ might get some laughs. I felt like I could make the joke because I have an Ewok friend, but maybe it was out of line. Ewoks do have doctors––or are they technically vets?––I have to ask my friend Weechit,” blabbered a flustered Nelson.

While we are handing out apologies, our photo editors should probably apologize for turning in propaganda for the study abroad article.

“Turning Memorial Hall into a mosque was controversial, and we probably should have left the llamas out of it,” admitted Marie von Hafften and Julie Peterson, neither of which were sure whose job it fell under.

Kyle Seasly’s review of FIDLAR’s album gave inaccurate information to the meaning of the acronymic band name. All of the letters in FIDLAR are, in fact, silent and meant to offer some quiet to drown out the awful music they produce.

In Evelyn Levine’s humor article, she forgot to mention that the event was sponsored by WEB. Sorry for any confusion there.

Feature misspelled “nepotism” about 47 times.