Find My Friends, Creeper-style

Elena Aragon

Find My Friends is an iPhone app that allows you to view the approximate locations of certain friends who also have the app. Accused by some as creepy, it is very convenient for meeting up with your homies. What happens when this app is used on the tiny campus of Whitman?

  • When the app tells you your friend is in the west wing of Jewett, you search through every floor before finding them behind it in the parking lot, damn accuracy.
  • You see your friend is in Reid, and begin walking over there. However, by the time you arrive, she’s already halfway back to Lyman, stupid quick-ass walks across campus.
  • You check where your friend is at 3 a.m., only to discover her phone is in the room next door. Oh shit, she’s hooking up with your section-mate.
  • You come to meet your friend who you see is at a frat on a Friday night. Oh shit, you just showed up early for your own surprise party, bummer.
  • You wonder where your crush is while at a party. Oh, there, 10 feet away from you, perhaps should’ve checked your own eyes before your iPhone, get your cool on, yo!
  • You see your friend is at Safeway. Aw yeah, can you pick me up some cheese man?
  • You can check what off-campus house a friend left their phone at the night before. Aw yeah now that’s convenience!
  • You wanna know what time to go down to dinner, you look for when all the dots move to the same place, score!