Party Themes that MUST HAPPEN

Elena Aragon

What’s Up, Holmes?
It may seem elementary that there be a festive occasion in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. But get decked out with elegant or checkered bowler hats, magnifying glasses and trench coats to chillax   in a Victorian-style parlor, and you’re sure to change your mind. As people sip on tea in the proper way, they can solve pressing mysteries such as why dear Watson is lookin’ just too fly over in the corner puffing on a tobacco pipe. Just wait for the chemistry lab that pops off later in the night . . . can you say waltz party?

Doesn’t it seem like the guy with a mustache is always the life of the party? Therefore, a party filled with nothing but mustaches would be off the chain. All types of mustaches are welcome: homegrown, pasted on, milk mustaches too. Mustaches as far as the eye can see sported by all the jolly fellows will certainly be cause for ruckus. Grizzly man-hair is the beginning of ultimate party-dom, and now both sexes can experience the best cause for celebrations and toasts.

Cheez Pleez!
Everybody is stoked on cheese! So how ’bout a party that’s just filled with unimaginable amounts of cheesy goodness?   Inflatable cheese hats start the happening queso gathering, centered around a fondue cheese fountain. Forget boring old trays of cheese varieties, instead go for walls made of cheese. Lactose-intolerant folks, never fear!   The squishy cheese everywhere will make for fun previously unimaginable, as well as fruits and beverages that complement the most social snack. No cutting the cheese allowed.