The pets of Whitman

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter

Owner: Toyona Howard

Name: Bleu

Nickname: Lil’ Beta

Age: Adult

Length of Companionship: October 2019

Favorite Treat: Blood worms

Fun Memory: Any time Toyona gets near the top of the tank, where she feeds Bleu from, he gets really excited.

Hobbies: Hangs out at the top of the tank.


(No picture)

Owner: Gil Pope

Name: Pepperoni (an iridescent chelicerae spider)

Nicknames: Pep-pep, pep

Age: Got them at 3-4 weeks, about 9 months old. 

Length of Companionship: 9-10 months. Gil found them on their gate and put them in a jar. 

Favorite Treat: Loves moths, but is not a fan of mealworms. 

Fun Memory: Watching them hunt and clean by folding in its legs; if you walk around the room, they’ll turn around to follow you. 

Advice: If you’re going to a spider, get a jumping spider because they’re the cutest type.


Owner: Maddie

Name: Tobi

Nicknames: Toberlone, Tobias, Demon, Tober, Trash Baby, October 

Age: 1.5 years 

Length of Companionship: 1.5 years

Favorite Treat: Freshly cut mangoes, any food really, hates broccoli. 

Tricks: Can walk on a leash and fetch hair ties. 

Fun Memory: Maddie let him smell an alcohol wipe and he made a silly face. Tobi loves to take selfies and pose for photoshoots. Maddie slept in the car with him. If he’s in a playful mood, he’ll jump up like a jack in the box. Tobi also likes to lick shower walls and sit in laundry hampers and jump out of them. Maddie says that “he will forever be the mascot of the greenhouse and of our lives.” Tobi also got a bow tie for Christmas and has a sweatshirt that he likes to sleep in. 


Owner: Casey Doe

Name: Goober (previously Bubba), goofy idiot who can’t be taken seriously

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 3-4 years

Length of Companionship: 1 year 

Favorite Treat: Anything. He doesn’t care about catnip. 

Fun Memory: He likes to be outside; sometimes Casey would look outside and he would just somehow be outside. Goober has a shiny zebra print collar with a bell on it. He used to be beat up by the other cat.

Hobbies: Goober falls off of furniture a lot and rubs himself on furniture.