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The pets of Whitman

The pets of Whitman

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter

May 8, 2020

Owner: Toyona Howard Name: Bleu Nickname: Lil’ Beta Age: Adult Length of Companionship: October 2019 Favorite Treat: Blood worms Fun Memory: Any time Toyona gets near the top of the tank, where she feeds Bleu from, he gets really excited. Hobbies: Hangs out at the top of the tank.   (No picture) ...

Unconditional Love: How Pets are Shaping the Student Experience

Phyllis Pawa and her cat Scout play on the Reid side lawn.

Claire Reichle and Sophie Liebsohn

September 24, 2018

Ask many students what they miss most about being away from home, and they will tell you their pets. Dogs, cats, lizards, horses and chickens are just a few of the creatures that students leave behind as they transition back into life as college students. However, there is a smaller group of who have...

Whitman Pets Petition for ASWC Recognition

Megumi Rierson, Humor Writer

November 3, 2016

Whitman has seen an unprecedented uptick in pet ownership in the past year as more students become convinced of their ability to care for another life just a few short years out from puking in the Jewett toilets. More than just a mode of coming to a sense of responsibility and ownership, Whitman pets provide an a...

Pets Provide Companionship for Off-Campus Housers

Pets Provide Companionship for Off-Campus Housers

Serena Runyan

October 17, 2013

Senior Stefani Paladino always knew she wanted a dog and finally got her part German Shepherd mix, Abby, when she moved off-campus last September. For Paladino, there isn't really a "hard" part to owning an animal in college. "When I first got her, there was an adjustment period for both of us, but once...

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