A Primitive Paradise


Caitlin Bergman


Tucked away in the remote jungles and beaches of Costa Rica lies the Osa Peninsula, one of the most diverse and untouched areas on the planet. Although it’s only half the size of Rhode Island, the Osa houses 2.5 percent of the Earth’s biodiversity and contains the last standing virgin rain forest in the area. Over the course of the summer, this astounding statistic became my reality.

As an intern for Osa Conservation, I quickly learned that the rain forests and beaches of the Osa are always alive. The howl of monkeys at sunrise, the murmur of the canopy during a light rainfall and the heavy breathing of a nesting green turtle are as addictive as the plantain chips served at dinner. The following photographs attempt to portray the rich and abundant wildlife of the Osa, to be a full sensory experience of the oasis where the rain forest meets the sea.