Whitman campus crime investigated

Hanna Ory

Take a town like Walla Walla and a college like Whitman, put them together, and it may seem like you have achieved the ultimate safety utopia. Maybe we have: Whitman students are notorious for leaving their dorm rooms unlocked, their laptops unattended at the library and their bicycles lying outside their houses.

But students often forget that no matter how safe you may feel, there are always safety concerns. And those concerns seem to be increasing at Whitman.

In the past year, Whitman has witnessed a significant increase in crime on campus, mostly due to burglary and theft related incidents. However, recent rising issues of harassment have made students question, more than ever, their own personal safety as well.

This week, The Pioneer investigates security on campus and surrounding neighborhoods, offering an inside look at the nightly routines of a Walla Walla police officer, an update on recent crime occurrences and some helpful resources to contribute to your safety on campus.