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U2’s “Free” Concert: You’re Doing it Wrong

Blair Hanley Frank

November 10, 2009

To celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago today, world-famous rock group U2 held a free concert at the Brandenburg Gate. Free, in this case, means that the tickets were free of charge, not that anyone could go and see the aforementioned concert. In fact, in a case of what I certainly hope...

Descend into “Descent”

Blair Hanley Frank

October 27, 2009

With the release of J.C. Hutchins's novel "7th Son: Descent," the Pio is partnering with several other blogs and content authors to release a 100-page, Special Edition PDF excerpt of the book, but we're doing it with a twist. From today until Thursday Nov. 6, I'll be taking submissions of reviews...

Shocker of the Week: Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter!

Blair Hanley Frank

October 12, 2009

In a development that has sent shock waves through the entire Internet, Miley Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana, and daughter of Billy Ray, has ceased using Twitter. The outcry has been so severe, she has even earned her own hashtag, #mileycomeback. For those of you who don't know, a hashtag is something Tw...

Tech Tidbit: This is why you don’t mess with gamers.

Blair Hanley Frank

September 16, 2009

Do video games lead to violence? I don't think so, but owning a samurai sword certainly might: Detectives are still interviewing a Johns Hopkins University student who fatally lacerated the upper body of a man breaking into his off-campus residence overnight. The suspect also suffered a nearly-seve...

Russ Caditz-Peck and Submission

Alex Kerr

March 20, 2009

When the admittedly professional journalist Russ Caditz-Peck argues for Whitman College's right to withhold all but three staplers, here, he demonstrates the exact greed-defending mentality that allowed these AIG bonuses to pass. Listen to the people cry! A certain G. Frew admits, "today I needed t...

Entitlement and Alex Kerr

Russ Caditz-Peck

March 11, 2009

An aspiring "journalist" nicknamed Alex Kerr provides evidence here that we are truly Generation Me; a peer group of entitled, self-absorbed, and self-important complainers who refuse to buy their own staplers. On that note, how does the 3rd floor library men's bathroom consistently smell so much wors...

How does this school not have staplers?

Alex Kerr

March 6, 2009

1) This is a college 2) College students write papers 2a) often more than one page 2b) ... 3) Multiple page papers require staplers 4) This school has three staplers 5) How is this still true?!?!

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