Tech Tidbit: This is why you don’t mess with gamers.

Blair Hanley Frank

Do video games lead to violence? I don’t think so, but owning a samurai sword certainly might:

Detectives are still interviewing a Johns Hopkins University student who fatally lacerated the upper body of a man breaking into his off-campus residence overnight. The suspect also suffered a nearly-severed hand, and was pronounced dead at the scene….when one of the students heard noises at about 1am, he went to downstairs to investigate armed with the sword. He saw that the side door to their garage had been pried open, and inside, the suspect lunged at him.

Holy cow. That’s one way to defend your stuff.   The slice-and-dice took place after the house had been burglarized earlier that same day, and the bandits made off with two computers and a Sony PlayStation 3.   The moral of this story? Don’t attack a man carrying a samurai sword.

Via Gizmodo and The Baltimore Sun