Senate, Round Three

Tyler Maule, ASWC Copy Editor

Though shorter than usual, Sunday’s Senate had no shortage of productive decisions. During updates, Finance Chair Anya Tudisco raised concerns about the budget deficit due to under enrollment at Whitman this year. Nominations Chair AnnaMarie McCorvie encouraged upperclassmen to apply for the currently incomplete Registrar’s committee. Oversight Chair Jon Miranda and Clubs Director Josie Furbershaw sought to clarify the budget use and identity of clubs, respectively. Concluding the meeting’s opening comments, Ombudsman Mitch Cutter and Senator Skye Vander Laan raised the possibility of opening a campus bar.

McCorvie introduced Jackie Greisen, who was confirmed as the newest member of the Bon Appétit Advisory Committee in a 17-0-2 vote. Greisen’s experience in the food service industry and focus on sustainability secured her the position; she aims to “make sure there’s less food waste” and expand dining hall hours. The Senate was especially impressed by Greisen’s selection of the avocado as her spirit vegetable.

President Arthur Shemitz discussed the Global Studies Initiative, commenting that it had “consumed [him and] President Jack Percival over the course of the past two weeks.” Percival outlined the Initiative, describing its enrichment of professors’ teaching and research. He explained that Dean of Faculty Pat Spencer temporarily suspended course releases (which exempt participating professors from teaching one class), leading to tension The Senate passed Resolution SRF 15.2, which advocates for the Initiative and how it broadens Whitman’s focus and supports students of color.

Sustainability director Dani Hupper successfully acquired funding to compensate an intern for Whitman’s bike share program. Hupper emphasized the program’s need for revitalization and promised that she is “not just going to hire any noob.” The intern will be tasked with the organization, advertisement and upkeep of the program.

ASWC awarded the Drama Club $500 in contingency funds to support its expanding membership and student-run plays. Representative Dan Lovato expressed excitement for the club’s attendance of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival, where students will “experience what the world of theater is like.”

To conclude, ASWC President Jack Percival relayed his intentions to discuss preferred gender pronoun use, campus safety and the Global Studies Initiative with the Board of Trustees.