Heads Up! The Times They Are A Changin’

Ari Appel

Hello readers. As this semester begins, I would like to make some changes to this blog. Last semester, I started writing without much of a focus. I knew language would be my topic, but beyond that I had not made many decisions about content or form. My first few posts were short anecdotal pieces, and the last few were longer arguments with more of an essay-like structure. The content ranged from the rhetorical strategies of American imperialism to the use of financial jargon among tweenagers––there was not much unity.

During winter break, I often thought of potential topics for posts, but I couldn’t see how they would fit into the essay-like format I had inadvertently committed to, and I was not sure which direction I wanted to take my content. I was committed to continuing the blog, so I thought about what I wanted it to be. I came to the conclusion that it is important for a blog to be fun to read, which means short articles, frequent posts, and engaging content. So, this semester I will structure my blog accordingly. Expect more content from other sources with my commentary, polemical observations about language with less analysis, and interesting pop-culture manifestations of this blog’s themes. Thanks for reading.