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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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January 24, 2016

Hello readers. It's been a while. I was abroad last semester in Argentina. Needless to say, I'm excited to get back to blogging. At some point I'm hoping to write about the linguistic points of interest...

Whittiom of the Week: “That’s a thing”

Ari Appel February 24, 2015

Welcome to Whittiom of the Week, where we wonder why we say what we say at Whitman. So what is a whittiom, anyway? You guessed it––it's an idiom that Whitties use frequently. An idiom, put simply,...

Kevin Gates on Slang and Dialect

Ari Appel January 26, 2015

How can language be used to oppress? Indeed, a very big question with many different answers, all of which a single blog post can't cover. But to start, it could be said that society and its institutions...

Heads Up! The Times They Are A Changin’

Ari Appel January 24, 2015

Hello readers. As this semester begins, I would like to make some changes to this blog. Last semester, I started writing without much of a focus. I knew language would be my topic, but beyond that I had...

How the spoken “/” is improving English

Ari Appel November 10, 2014

English is constantly growing and changing. No matter what rules are established, they get broken; conventions of grammar change, new words are invented, and old ones take on new meanings. Take the word...

In the Mood for American

Ari Appel November 2, 2014

What is American cuisine? Hamburgers, apple pie and barbecue are distinctly American. But many other foods that Americans eat, we do not call American. Pizza, for example, is Italian, despite being widely...

A 4-Day Adventure: From Writing This Blog to Not Writing This Blog

Ari Appel October 17, 2014

After a relaxing 4-day break, Tuesday evening was finally upon me. I wrote this: "When I got out of class on Friday afternoon, I envisioned myself spending the majority of 4-day break at my desk, intently...

More is More than Less, but No More

Ari Appel October 11, 2014

I find that people will often evoke adages when they have no specific evidence, so appeals to a common ethos. If the listener genuinely agrees with the cultural value being referenced, there is nothing...

Equality through Knowledge

Ari Appel October 8, 2014

"Over a long period of time, the main force in favor of greater equality has been the diffusion of knowledge and skills." ––Thomas Piketty in Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the most thorough...

Five Bucks

Ari Appel September 29, 2014

Ari Appel's blog "What's In a Name?" comments on linguistic trends at Whitman College and in public culture at large. A group of middle-schoolers are crowded around a table for school lunch. Jimmy coats...

PC spell-check

Ari Appel September 13, 2014

Ari Appel's blog "What's In a Name?" examines linguistic trends at Whitman College and in public culture at large. "Sorry," my friend said. We had been walking across Ankeny, catching up post-summer,...

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