Senate Happenings! February 22, 2015

Sonya Kuzminski

ASWC convened last night for a productive meeting which addressed a variety of issues, passed a significant amount of legislation, and witnessed multiple members of the Senate demonstrate their socks and tie matching skills.

First on the agenda was the approval of funding to be allocated to a safety and leadership training program for members of the Whitewater Club. Given that the certification given by this course is necessary for students to lead trips with the OP, the opportunity for new students to gain this certification and bring their qualifications back home is vital for the future of the whitewater community.

Next, the Senate confirmed the nomination of junior Heather Gaya to the position of ASWC Sound & Lights Director. Gaya hopes to expand the role of Sound & Lights in the Whitman community, and intends to improve communication with clients– did you know that you, too can request equipment from Sound & Lights for your event or performance? Check out the ASWC website ( and look for Sound & Lights under “Supported Programs” for access to this awesome service.

Various leadership positions in the Whitman community were also discussed: a co-leadership structure was approved to continue for the Pioneer, and the role and responsibilities of the Sustainability Director position was debated. The general sentiment in the Senate was that the position ought to be renewed for another year, which will serve as a trial period for the position to truly take shape and perhaps become permanent.

Ideas were flying– brainstorming the future potential of a Sustainability Committee, and wondering about what might occur if green clubs on campus united under an ASWC header and held a strategic planning session about the future of Whitman sustainability. In fact, a similar event is being held this weekend– come to the Town Hall Sustainability Summit for a rockin’ collaboration of campus-wide green projects, and to hear about new opportunities to get involved with sustainability initiatives on campus!

Stay tuned to ASWC Unpacked for upcoming crucial information on the newly passed Tenure Resolution, reflections on the Power & Privilege Symposium, and more!