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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Tim Reed on the Presidential Search and College Budget

Please enjoy this excerpt from an e-mail ASWC President Tim Reed sent to members of senate over spring break.


Welcome back!

Two very important topics: The presidential search and the college budget.

Presidential Search (a.k.a who can match the bowtie?)

A majority of the Executive Committee met with the Trustees on the search committee prior to break to better understand how the search process will work. We talked extensively about the nuts and bolts of what the search will entail, how student input will be considered, and what exactly the “pledge of confidentiality” means.

Key pointers:

1. There will be student input throughout the entire process–Gladys Gitau and Jack Percival are the student representatives on the committee, and they’ll be involved in all the deliberations. Additionally, Overseers Denise Tabbutt ’87 and Aaron Perrine ’99, staff members Rachna Sinnott ’93 and Mike Osterman ’96, are on the committee, along with multiple faculty members.

2. A practical way to understand the confidentiality pledge is that the names of potential candidates cannot be divulged until after the process. *This does not prevent you, me, or any other students/ staff/faculty from giving input about what we would like to see in the next President.* Maintaining confidentiality allows us to cast the widest possible net to attract the best possible candidates for the position.

That’s the brief synopsis on #Prezsearch2014. Trend it. More info can be found here. Or email me at [email protected].

Regarding the budget….

1. We got the counseling center position! All the work spent crafting and debating Resolution SRF 13.2 paid off–it was, and I quote, an “excellent piece of legislation.” This is a great example of student advocacy resulting in tangible results.

2. During the budget request process, ASWC submitted a request for the administration to match our $2,000 contribution to the Power & Privilege Symposium. Moreover, we asked for an endowed line item–which basically means that a guaranteed amount of money will be built into the college’s annual operating budget. Because of the success of the Symposium this year and the commitment ASWC has shown to it, the college’s Budget Committee more than doubled our request, committing $5,000 dollars to the Power & Privilege Symposium each year. This is huge: this gives the Symposium the financial sustainability to happen every year.

3. There will be an Associate Dean of Diversity & Intercultural Affairs hired for next year. This position will be on the President’s Council (!!!) and its holder will manage the Intercultural Center. This move has been in the works for a while, but ASWC’s push ensured that this position is part of the President’s Council. Additionally, it is likely that another position will be added next year to assist the Associate Dean of Diversity and Intercultural Affairs with a more day-to-day focus. More details can be found here.

4. The SEC is adding the Internship Coordinator position, beginning either this summer or the following one. I don’t know what precisely the position will entail, but it will ideally be a technologically savvy individual who understands the intricacies of coordinating internships.

This is probably my longest email to date.  With that in mind, thanks for reading through it and making it this far!


Tim Reed

ASWC President


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