Who am I?

Katrina Allick

This blog is going to keep things short and sweet… I am not going to analyze anything existential or come to any worldly conclusion, except that I hope to purely expose you to the type of music that I spend half of my day listening to and thinking about. Music is a skill set– it is a hobby, it is a distraction, it is an influx of emotions, it is a frenzy of sounds, it drives the soul and mind, but most importantly, music is a mystery. Discover it!

I am going to start by exposing you to a few sounds to warm you up:

1) My soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rabbithouse

– Delve deep into the world of soundcloud – this is where I find my favorite artists and songs… how? Pick a song, any song, especially one that you cherish and search it. The beauty of the creepy internet is that it shows you anything related to what you like; from there, you explore.

2) A label my Dad recently showed me: http://importantrecords.com/

– My Dad is into really weird, experimental music and his collections of records, tapes, and analogues date back to the 60s and number up to the tens of thousands. He is where I get a lot of my own sound banks from that I use for DJ-ing

3) Finally… the top 10 songs I’m currently playing on my Spotify:

– Phone Sex (feat. Grimes) by Blood Diamonds

– All Alright by Sigur Ros

– Water Me by FKA Twigs

– Dance For You by Beyoncé

– DJ Turn It Up by Yellow Claw

– Know It Ain’t Right by M.I.A.

– Recover by CHVRCHES

– Stop Me Cold by LIZ

– Grown Up by Danny Brown

– Grins by Charli XCX