Tacocat brings big sound to Reid


Tacocats performing in Reid Campus Center. Photo by Alan Mendoza.

Emma Cooper

Tacocat: (n.) a colorful Seattle band; a palindrome; can be spelled with emojis.

Wednesday night at 8:00pm, Reid Coffee House hosted the Seattle band Tacocat for an evening of musical paradise.

The Seattle-local band has been on the rise and on the radar of many Seattleites. Because many Whitman students are from Seattle, Tacocat became an obvious choice to bring to campus.

“We chose them because they are a cool band with a unique sound who has a big following in Seattle (which is where a lot of Whitman students are from),” says Sophomore Yarden Blausapp, Co-Music Director for WEB.

Wanting to engage a large portion of the Whitman student audience, Sophomore Meredith Cranston, WEB Marketing Coordinator, emphasized WEB’s intent on appealing to the student body.

“Music entertainment is a key feature of WEB’s programming and often has the highest attendance, and I know we like to bring Seattle bands because a lot of students identify with Seattle and want to support the cool stuff coming out of the city.”

The four-person band of Tacocat is a flurry of brightly-colored hair. Members Emily, Bree, Eric, and Lelah all play instruments: tambourine, bass, guitar, and drums, respectively. Their music is pleasantly abrasive and upbeat, and their songs tend to be focused on the more eclectic things of life, covering everything from tampons to volcanoes.

Junior Matthew Meyer, Co-Music Director for WEB, became an instant fan after listening to their music.

“I’ve been listening to their discography on repeat.  I’ve also been reading/watching some interviews and they all seem like really cool people.”

TACOCATS performing in Reid Campus Center. Photo by Alan Mendoza.
Tacocats performing in Reid Campus Center. Photo by Alan Mendoza.