KWCW Show of the Week


Photo by Karissa Hampson

Emma Cooper

On Mondays from 12:00pm-2:00pm, sophomore Molly Cameron hosts the MC² show, playing music that is influenced by current events.

MC² is a great show to experience new music while also becoming aware of the events happening in the world. By keeping an open mind about current events as well as music, Cameron has opened up an avenue for Whitman students to remain connected with the world outside of  “the bubble.”

MC² got its name from witty wordplay.

“The show’s name is a play on an MC (Master of Ceremonies), or the host of an event. Since my initials are MC and I’m hosting a show, I thought it would be a fun name for the show.”

When talking about the criteria for her weekly current event selection, Cameron also gave a sneak peek into what she might play for us next.

“My decision on a theme for the week is pretty random. Usually if something jumps out at me, then I will decide to do something about it. For example, with all of the news that Planned Parenthood has gotten recently I’ve been thinking about doing a girl power week where I play music by and about strong powerful women.”

Cameron keeps an open mind when determining the music she plays.

“I don’t always know all of the songs that I play. Each week we’re required to play 5 new songs, so I look through the new music that is at the station. I also look through new music and genres on Spotify to find songs.”

There is not a lot of criteria for the music Cameron plays.

“I obviously don’t play any explicit music, but otherwise I’m pretty open. Sometimes I focus on specific decades like the 80s and 90s. Usually I play indie/alternative music, but it is [also] a mix of a lot of different kinds of music!”

Cameron started the show as a way to get involved with Whitman campus life.

“I’ve always been interested in having a radio show and I thought this would be a great time to start! I’m a sophomore, but I just transferred here and I was looking for ways to get involved at Whitman quickly.”

Photo by Karissa Hampson

If you’re looking for fun study break on Monday afternoons, listening to Molly Cameron’s MC² is a great way to unwind to great music, as well as learn a thing or to about what’s going on today.