KWCW show of the week: The Pio Hour

Daniel Kim

Show: The Pio Radio Hour

Time: Sunday – 10 a.m.

Hosts: Anna Middleton and Andrew Schwartz

Teaming up with The Pioneer is the “The Pio Radio Show” during which first-year hosts Anna Middleton and Andrew Schwartz discuss and report on various news topics. Some of these topics come from stories from The Pioneer, and they are discussed amongst the hosts or guests on the show. The show has an array of segments that range from reading short stories or poems to interviewing people with unique stories. Inspired by their interests in NPR’s various programs like “Radiolab” and “This American Life”, they try to replicate that style of hosting in their show. Always looking for new stories, they encourage people to come out and have a friendly, brief interaction about any topic, whether it be about a local band, an opinion or even a simple interest that you would like to further explore.