Venues in town provide a variety of events

Geoffrey Leach

The week, The Pioneer explored the variety of venues outside of campus that provide entertainment in Walla Walla.

Gesa Powerhouse Theatre


Photo by Hayley Turner.
Photo by Hayley Turner.

Enjoy plays, concerts and festivals in this performing arts venue. The theater was transformed in 2011 from a decommissioned utility station. Performances happen approximately once a week, and is also home to the Walla Walla Shakespeare company.
Where: 111 N. 6th Ave.
Next performance: “The Middle of Everywhere”, a mask theater production, on Nov. 8
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Middle of Nowhere Sessions


Hosted at Mace Mead Works, a honey wine distillery, Middle of Nowhere Sessions is part of the Experimental Fermentation Company. The Sessions brings a variety of live music to a unique venue in Eastern Wasington. Some concerts are recorded and sold online.
Where: 250 E Main St, Dayton
Next performance: Violent Psalms, Supercrow and Bart Budwig, on Nov. 8
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Sapolil Cellars


Sapolil Cellars is a winery with a downtown tasting room that provides many musical events. About every week there is a live performance featuring a different musician. They also put on “Walla Walla Jam!” in which they invite musicians to bring instruments and play with other musicians in a jam session. Other options include open mic, recording sessions and a program called “Out of Order.” The next featured live performance is Dedric Clark and the Social Animals.
Where: 15 E Main St
Next performance: Walla Walla Jam, Nov. 7th, 8 p.m.
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Marcy’s Bar and Lounge


Marcy’s is a bar and restaurant located right near campus. Every Monday night at 7 it hosts an open mic night. In the past it has had events to celebrate the holidays. They had Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Cinco de Mayo parties.
Where: 35 S Colville St
Next performance: Open Mic, Nov. 10, 7 p.m.
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Main Street Studios


Photo by Hayley Turner.
Photo by Hayley Turner.

Started recently in 2013, Main Street Studios is located on the main floor of the Dacres Hotel. The group strives to support the arts in the community by providing equipment, space and support. They put on performances, concerts, recordings and stand-up comedy. There are plans to display multimedia exhibits. Additionally, the Studios use Cordiner Hall on campus to put on big-name lectures.
Where: 207 W Main St
Next performance: David Sedaris, Nov. 19th, Cordiner Hall, 7 p.m.
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The Little Theatre of Walla Walla


The Little Theatre of Walla Walla has been producing plays since 1944. They are putting on four shows in the current season, from November to May. The theater company has been running in various locations since 1944, and the company runs on community volunteer support.
Where: 1130 E Sumach St
Next performance: You Can’t Take It With You, starting November 7th
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