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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis

Let’s face it: It’s that time of the year when it feels like Whitman students are stuck in purgatory. We’re past the Orientation events that mark the start of the year but also a couple weeks away from the many WEB concerts, plays and major school-wide events. This period of inactivity begs the question: What do you do when there isn’t much to do?

To answer that question, I went out onto campus and asked fellow students what they do during the weeks when there isn’t much going on.

“I listen to [podcasts] Joe Rogan Experience as well as Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, which I do while surfing the web,” said sophomore Matt Mitchell. “It passes the time pretty well.”

Podcasts offer a gamut of different intellectual conversations, from sports, to music, science and commentaries on pop culture that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Mitchell says he also enjoys going to the gym when there’s not much to do. The Baker Ferguson Fitness Center has cardio equipment, weights and a 30-meter pool. Paired with a visit to Sherwood Athletic Center’s steam rooms, an afternoon at the gyms can occupy a large chunk of leisure time, leaving you feeling happy and healthy. Gym-time will also prepare your stomach for a glorious weekend dinner at Prentiss Dining Hall, Reid Campus Center or a Walla Walla restaurant of your choosing.

Sometimes though, there are lazy days when you don’t want to go too far for entertainment. Sophomore Jeremy Kruger has the perfect solution.

“When my friends and I are stuck on what to do, we’ll pull out the board games and go to town,” said Kruger.

Throw on some tasty tunes to keep your ears occupied and time will fly by. Kruger’s favorite game is the strategic card game Magic: The Gathering. Be weary before delving into this world, as it can be extremely addictive. Battling your friends, collecting cards and developing a deck to be reckoned with will become one of your favorite time-killing activities.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to occupy yourself is get outside, as sophomore Susie Krikava elaborated.

“There’s almost always something to do around Whitman but when there isn’t I go on runs,” said Krikava.

Alternatively, a nighttime stroll with a friend or significant other can be tranquil. You might even get carried away and find yourself talking or thinking for hours.

People always say there isn’t much to do in Walla Walla, but the truth is there’s always something to do, you just have to be open to new things and new people! Ask any Whittie and they’ll open your eyes to something you’ve never done before! Sound off online about what you do when there’s seemingly nothing to do.

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